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woman in coral dress running in a field

How to Wear a Coral Outfit or Dress for a Wedding

By Borrow My Dress / December 17, 2021 /

In line with red, peach, orange, and pink, there is another delightful colour called ‘coral.’ Coral dresses make for a festive wedding guest dress. But since you’re attending a wedding, always choose the more unstated shade of coral. Bright coral can be worn at more festive or tropical wedding celebrations. For other formal weddings, you…

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newlyweds with parents, bride hugging mom

Mother of the Bride Dresses for Any Spring Wedding

By Borrow My Dress / November 17, 2021 /

While the most raved about dress at any spring wedding is bound to be the bride’s wedding dress, you still deserve to have your own fashion moment as the mother of the groom or mother of the bride with dresses that make you look fashionable and confident. “Shopping” for the perfect mother dress Instead of…

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woman in backless lace dress

Glam Corner: How to Wear Backless or Open Back Dresses

By Borrow My Dress / October 20, 2021 /

Open back or backless dresses are an elegant and fashionable style for anyone looking to make a statement by showing some skin. They are usually chosen for formal or semi-formal events, or for that special night at the prom. However, they can be intimidating to wear, but done the right way, anyone can feel beautiful…

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purple and white floral dress

Looking for a Dress for a Wedding? Go Floral!

By Borrow My Dress / September 14, 2021 /

Just because you are a guest at a wedding does not mean you deprive yourself of dressing as nicely as those with wedding roles. Here at Borrow My Dress, we make sure that you look your best self, whether for a special occasion or even a typical day out in the town. Don’t know what…

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bride puts corsage on mother's wrist

Dresses Mother of the Bride: Choose the Best Neckline for Your Face and Body Type

By Borrow My Dress / August 4, 2021 /

The correct neckline based on your face and body type can make a statement, create a balanced silhouette, and will even improve with the right accessories. The bottom line is that your top line should start everything off. So, let’s find out. Facial shape If you have a long and narrow face, wear a wider…

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woman in a pink dress and white sneakers

Glam Corner: Wearing Trainers with Dresses

By Borrow My Dress / July 17, 2021 /

A dress and trainer sneaker combo? Why not? The pandemic and lockdowns have kept heels, stilettos, and wedges back in their boxes. Even now, as countries begin to open up again, the name of the fashion game seems to be “comfort as essential.” So, wearing a dress and sneakers or trainers is the choice for…

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woman in black ankle boots and black dress

Dress for a Wedding: Can Guests Wear Black to a Wedding? We’re Tackling this Age-Old Question

By Borrow My Dress / June 21, 2021 /

Generally, there is nothing inappropriate in wearing black to a wedding. Gone are the superstitious days of associating black with mourning and burning witches. In the modern world, black dresses and even men’s black suits are just options for any occasion, weddings included, be they traditional or non-traditional. However, as a wedding guest, you need…

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bride and mother of the bride touch foreheads

Proud Mother of the Bride in 2021? Here are Some Chic Dresses for the Mother of the Bride

By Borrow My Dress / May 14, 2021 /

As the mother of the bride, you deserve a stylish dress that won’t make you look matronly. As a mom, you deserve to glow on your daughter’s wedding day as well. You deserve your own fashion moment with a dress that makes you look and feel stylish and confident. The weather-is-getting-cold Pearl Dress This superbly…

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long haired lady in white dress carrying a leather jacket

Glam Corner Advice: How to Pair Your Dress with a Leather Jacket

By Borrow My Dress / April 13, 2021 /

Who says only the guys look good in a leather jacket? It has become a female staple for transitional weather, can go with any dress you wear, and happens to look so cool on any girl wearing it. There are also so many ways to wear it, with any theme, or even with just jeans…

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simple black lace dress

How to Dress for a Wedding in Autumn

By Borrow My Dress / March 18, 2021 /

Fall or autumn weather means figuring out temperamental cool and hot weather. This can be a bit hard when choosing an event-appropriate dress when you need to dress for a wedding. But instead of offering the usual do’s and don’ts, we simply offer our suggestions and considerations. After all, as the country is slowly opening…

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mother and bride holding hands

Our Top Plus Size Dress Ideas for the Mother of the Bride

By Borrow My Dress / February 20, 2021 /

We always hear stories about blushing brides-to-be trying to work out and lose weight so they could fit into their ideal wedding dress. While they may be setting those goals for themselves, the mother of the bride need not concern themselves with changing their bodies for that one day their daughter walks down the aisle…

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woman sitting on the bed in coral dress

How to Dress for a Wedding in 2021

By Borrow My Dress / February 13, 2021 /

Every year, there is bound to be news of a friend or family member getting married, and you have to make sure that you are ready for whatever role you are given at the ceremony. Even if you are invited as a guest, there are still reasons for you to prepare. Apart from being present…

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