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Dress for a Wedding: Can Guests Wear Black to a Wedding? We’re Tackling this Age-Old Question

Generally, there is nothing inappropriate in wearing black to a wedding. Gone are the superstitious days of associating black with mourning and burning witches. In the modern world, black dresses and even men’s black suits are just options for any occasion, weddings included, be they traditional or non-traditional. However, as a wedding guest, you need to be sensitive to the wedding you’ll be attending and double-check the invitation for things like dress code required, time of day, location, religion, and if the wedding is formal.

Always check the religion and nationality

Black is definitely inappropriate at traditional Chinese and Indian weddings. Also, check if the couple has requested that black be avoided for religious or race reasons. 

Avoid looking like you’re dressed for a funeral

While a black dress is acceptable at a wedding, make sure your outfit isn’t made for funerals. Add a celebratory twist to your black hues by:

  • Wearing a playsuit or jumpsuit.
  • Wearing a short, knee-length or midi-length dress.
  • Wearing a black dress with a second colour mixed in.
  • Including colour through your accessories such as vibrantly coloured heels, handbag, or scarf.

If it’s formal, wear formal

Naturally, if it’s a formal wedding at a church, restaurant, or other large venues, choose an appropriate full-length black gown that fits effortlessly. Or you can choose a knee-length black dress if you don’t want to stand out so much. 

Beach, garden, destination, daytime, and festival weddings

You can still wear black to these weddings, but make sure the hue is lighter. You can also pick a dress with another colour mixed in. Or better yet, play safe and wear another dress or outfit with lighter colours, splashes of bright colours, or pastel colours. In short, when in doubt, don’t wear black anymore. For these events, however, avoid wearing white.

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