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Dresses Mother of the Bride: Choose the Best Neckline for Your Face and Body Type

The correct neckline based on your face and body type can make a statement, create a balanced silhouette, and will even improve with the right accessories. The bottom line is that your top line should start everything off. So, let’s find out.

Facial shape

If you have a long and narrow face, wear a wider neckline to offset the narrowness of your face. Wearing a deep V-neckline will make your face appear longer. If you have a square-shaped or round face, a deep V-neckline will help elongate the face. Oval shaped faces can wear any neckline.


If you have a short neck, crewneck tops and shorter V-necklines will improve your looks. A deeper and wider neckline exposes more skin, and this extends the neckline, making you appear taller but slimmer. If you have a longer neck, wear boat necklines, turtlenecks, and crewnecks. 


For those with broad shoulders, find tighter and narrower necklines to make your shoulders appear broader. A wider neckline will make you look more natural, and showing your collarbones can be flattering. For narrow shoulders, the inverse applies, so wear crewnecks or turtlenecks. If you have a short neck and narrow shoulders, wear a square neckline unless you have a square-shaped face.


For those well-endowed in the chest area, don’t wear necklines that are too low and revealing. However, necklines that are too high make you look saggy. If you are small-chested, you have a lot more flexibility with any neckline.


  • For off-shoulder and wide necklines, wear hoop or statement earrings and a long pendant necklace.
  • For V-necks, have fun and versatility with accessories.
  • Wear light and layered necklaces with scoop necklines.
  • For a halter neckline, just wear statement or drop earrings.
  • You can wear statement necklaces with button-up necklines.
  • For crewnecks or boat necks, wear a fun or oversized pendant. 

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