woman in a pink dress and white sneakers

Glam Corner: Wearing Trainers with Dresses

A dress and trainer sneaker combo? Why not? The pandemic and lockdowns have kept heels, stilettos, and wedges back in their boxes. Even now, as countries begin to open up again, the name of the fashion game seems to be “comfort as essential.” So, wearing a dress and sneakers or trainers is the choice for many going to the grocery, to work, and to picnic with the family at the park. Here are a few ways to look good with a dress and trainers.

Midi dress and sneakers

If you use (or rent) midi dresses, you can easily match them with sneakers, primarily white or pastel sneakers. The dress and sneaker combo will actually make you look elegant and classy. And those trainers will make you feel comfortable enough to walk anywhere.

Varsity dress and white or plain sneakers

Whatever colour varsity dress you choose, pair it with white or plain-coloured sneakers. Grey or other light colours will do as well. This combo is quite suitable for both young and older women. 

Black and white dress with black or white sneakers

Pair your black and white dress, black dress, or white dress with sneakers that are black and white, plain black, or plain white. So much better if you have those retro flat high-cut basketball sneakers. Accessorise with a black and white bag or clutch.

Two-piece crop top and skirt with sneakers

A two-piece dress will always bare your sexy abs, so make them and your legs the focal points by choosing plain or muted coloured sneakers like white or grey. This combo is great for brightly coloured two-piece dresses. If your two-piece is plain coloured, wear brightly coloured sneakers or trainers.

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