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How to Wear a Coral Outfit or Dress for a Wedding

In line with red, peach, orange, and pink, there is another delightful colour called ‘coral.’ Coral dresses make for a festive wedding guest dress. But since you’re attending a wedding, always choose the more unstated shade of coral. Bright coral can be worn at more festive or tropical wedding celebrations. For other formal weddings, you can also choose coral that veers towards peach, rose gold, terracotta, and rust shades.

The colour ‘coral’

Coral is a fun and flamboyant colour that can radiate energy plus warmth. It is a warm, natural, and solid colour. It is like the colour of paradise. Coral was once reserved for lipsticks that seniors and older women wore. Now, it is considered as one of the most versatile colours to become fashionable by many of today’s designers. Coral may seem a colour that is hard to combine with, but it’s not, actually. There are numerous colour options and combinations that go well with a coral wedding guest dress.

Colours that can be paired with coral

Coral can work as the main colour of your guest dress or as an accent. The colours that work well with coral include:

  • Blush pink
  • Burgundy
  • Buttercup yellow
  • Gold
  • Light or mid grey
  • Mint green
  • Navy blue or sea blue
  • Nude
  • Rose gold
  • Turquoise
  • White

Coral is for all skin tones

A coral guest wedding dress looks like a pinkish-orange shade, so it can be worn by anyone regardless of skin or hair colour. This is because coral is both a warm and cool colour and is universally flattering on any skin tone.

Floral prints

Coral is a colour that also goes well with floral prints. Or, floral print dresses with coral tones is a nice wedding guest dress to wear because it exudes an essence of feminine charm. You can also choose a coral dress with bold floral prints, nude, or white as background. With a coral dress, the best accessories and bag should also be in coral tones.

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