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Our Top Plus Size Dress Ideas for the Mother of the Bride

We always hear stories about blushing brides-to-be trying to work out and lose weight so they could fit into their ideal wedding dress. While they may be setting those goals for themselves, the mother of the bride need not concern themselves with changing their bodies for that one day their daughter walks down the aisle and say “I do!” to the love of their life!

True enough, the centre of attention will be on the newlyweds that day. Still, the mother of the bride also deserves acknowledgement for raising her daughter so well and witnessing her union with her partner and her journey to starting a family of her own. With all that said, if you are a mother of a soon-to-be bride, you will require an elegant dress as well, no matter what size or shape you are.

Here are some plus-size dress ideas that you can wear to your daughter’s special day

Long dress with a quarter sleeve lace jacket

The aim of this look is to appear modest while not being entirely covered up. That is why the dress has thin spaghetti straps and a chiffon skirt that extends down to the floor. The lace jacket covers the shoulders and arms but is partly see-through with its lace material. It is perfect for mothers who want a simple, chic, and flattering look.

Sleeveless short, cocktail dress

If you are a mom who is not afraid to show some skin, then this is the dress for you. Aside from weddings, cocktail dresses go well in semi-formal happenings, which means you can wear them again to other similar events such as a business party. The best part about showing skin is you can show off your accessories as well. So, go ahead and get your glimmer on!

Borrow My Dress

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